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Mastering the one year follow-up

Right now is a great time of year to talk about “Mastering the Follow-up” because with Christmas around the corner you’re probably turning down shows because you’re already booked. Sadly there’s no way to clone ourselves to work multiple parties at the same time, but you can take these leads and turn them into seed contacts for next year ensuring that you make as much money next year as possible. By booking parties earlier people will be able to accommodate your schedule and you’ll be able to book more shows and thus make more money.

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Survey Evaluation Forms

In my first How to get amazing client testimonials I discussed various methods of receiving show feedback.

One method I didn’t discuss is the old-school way of getting it done. Traditionally many people sent out a thank-you card after the show and in that card they included a self-addressed stamped envelope along with an evaluation form. The problem with this method is that its expensive and it requires a lot of work on your clients behalf. First they have to fill out the form, then put it in an envelope, and take it to the mailbox. That’s expecting way too much of a person to do you a favour.

Today there are easier and better options.  Read More…

Promotional Video Tips and Tricks

The truth is that your promotional video is probably going to disqualify you faster than it will qualify you to a client. Most promotional videos are too long, they’re boring, the production value is terrible, and they’re out-dated. Take a look at your own video and be very critical.

Attention spans on the internet are really short. After all you’re competing with a million other things they could be doing.  You need to make sure that whatever you produce is high quality, entertaining, and effective.

Promotional video No-No’s!

  1. A trick is being performed but there’s no visual element to the trick. Shots with spectators should always have them reacting to the show or it makes you look boring.  Read More…

How to get amazing client testimonials

Having amazing testimonials in your promotional material is one of the best ways to build social proof. People aren’t going to believe you if YOU say you are amazing, or that your show is great, but they will believe it if somebody else says it. Testimonials can be used on your website, social networking, business cards, brochures, post cards, and promotional videos.

So now that you know that you need testimonials, how do you collect them?

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A Personal Introduction

“There’s No Business Like Show Business”

Welcome to Part Show Part Business a blog for amateur and professional performing artists. I’m magician Leif David from Ali K. Zam Productions and I am based out of Kelowna, British Columbia Canada. To learn more about me please visit the About Me page.

Why a blog?

I love magic. No, I REALLY love magic, and I wanted a way to give back to the community that I love so much. Many of the other magic blogs and forums online are very negative. Instead of complaining or criticizing I thought the best way to give back to the community would be to share what has and hasn’t worked for me.

Topics will include marketing materials, graphic design, branding, back of room sales, evaluation forms, use of photo’s, newsletters, videos, custom show material, trick reviews, and hopefully much more. It’s also my goal to offer a rich multimedia experience. In the future I would like to include lots of photo’s, video, podcasts, and downloadable templates that you can use in your business. I will focus on quality posts rather than quantity of posts, so please bear with me if there are long periods of time without updates. All of this is going to be offered for free. I’m not looking to sell an eBook, a marketing course, or anything like that. I truly just want to give back to the community.

I hope that my posts will inspire you to take action in your own business, and to join the conversation. On my blog I’ve enabled Facebook commenting. I’ve seen how great online discussion can be once people are using their real names and they are accountable for what they say. I hope that by having others join the conversation that I will learn from you too.

So again, welcome to Part Show Part Business and I hope you will subscribe to my blog via the RSS feed and friend me on Facebook so we can stay in touch.

Your friend in magic,
Magician Leif David

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