Survey Evaluation Forms

In my first How to get amazing client testimonials I discussed various methods of receiving show feedback.

One method I didn’t discuss is the old-school way of getting it done. Traditionally many people sent out a thank-you card after the show and in that card they included a self-addressed stamped envelope along with an evaluation form. The problem with this method is that its expensive and it requires a lot of work on your clients behalf. First they have to fill out the form, then put it in an envelope, and take it to the mailbox. That’s expecting way too much of a person to do you a favour.

Today there are easier and better options. 

Going High Tech

Instead of mailing a physical evaluation form or even creating one on your website you can easily link to a survey form hosted by Survey Monkey. You can sign up for a free account on their website, and they have a paid upgrade option for additional features. The advantage to using Survey Monkey is that they offer tools to analyze the data. For example you could sort by “show type” or look at your overall average show ratings.

Magician Tommy Johns uses this method and its increased his response rate from 35% to over 80% using this one technique! Here is a screenshot of one the evaluation form Tommy uses. With Survey Monkey you can setup different evaluation forms for programs that you offer.

Here’s what Tommy had to say about his form:

There are very strategic reasons I set these up the way I did. For example, I use a 5 point scale instead of a 10 point scale. The reason for that is that people sometimes have no problem giving you a 9, because nobody’s PERFECT, but to give someone who did a great job a 4 seems harsh. So I get a LOT of 5’s! I also have it set up so they can offer feedback on most of the survey in just a few minutes. The reasoning there is that if they can finish MOST of the survey quickly, they will finish the survey. I ask for honest feedback and get it. Sometimes they have to look hard to find something for me to change, but that’s okay.

I added a toll free number as a result of survey responses. I have added new shows for the same reason.

In my own evaluation form I also use a scale from 1-5 and I’ve found the same thing. I almost always get all 5’s with the occasional 4.

But you don’t have to just use survey’s for show evaluations, you can collect any type of information. One option is to survey your clients and directly ask them what they would be interested in for future programs.

Survey Monkey will give you a website URL for your form and its a simple matter of including it in your post-show thank-you emails. The basic account is free so sign-up and let me know if it ends up working for you.