It’s All About The Music

Great events have energy and excitement filling the room, its your responsibility as a performer to provide this to your clients. During your performance you do this by having a great show, but you can create this party atmosphere before your show starts with preshow music. If you go a formal production they’ll have music playing before the show starts to set the mood, and your show should be no different.

When I arrive at an event one of the first things I setup is my sound system (Article: Sound Systems, Microphones, iPod’s, and Speaker Stands) and my iPod (ArticleControlling Your Show Music).

PreShow Music

On my iPod I have a playlist created of pre-show music for different events. I’ve found that I can have a single playlist for family shows, but for adult shows there’s no “one size fits all” playlist.

For birthday parties, children’s shows, and family shows I have a 25 minute long set of songs that I combined together on my computer into a single track. That way I can easily add it into my various show playlists and when I’m ready to perform I can just cue up the next track and I’m ready to start my show.

A sample of two pre-show songs I use for family audiences:

Having pre-show music is perfect when you’re waiting for guests to arrive, and you’ll find that it will also help you get into performance mode.

For adult shows and corporate events they may not have a DJ for the evening. For these events I have a second iPod with many different playlists depending on the situation. I have a playlist for the cocktail hour, for the dinner hour, and post-show music. I have classic songs for older audiences, and I also have current pop music. When using pop-music make sure that the songs are non-offending. Wedding DJ lists like this (and like this) are a great source for songs that are timeless. I’ve found that if songs are too dirty for the radio its probably a good idea to shy away from it. Your style or audience and style may differ though. Depending on your style you may want to create a different type of atmosphere.

Having music prepared and offering it to the client is a great way to be a complete solutions provider and is just one way to go above-and-beyond the call of duty to make sure that they have an amazing event because they hired you.

When I’m ready to start my show I can pause or turn off the pre-show iPod and my other iPod with my show music is ready to go at a moments notice.

The Energy Sink

Have you ever been to a party where the music was suddenly turned off? As soon as the music turns off it feels like the party has turned off too. Everything becomes… boring.

Here’s a tip that I’ve never shared with anyone before.

When you arrive to the event, setup your sound system and start playing music right away. Once you start the music the party has started. Once you’re ready to perform you can  easily seagway into your performance taking control of the entire room and delivering an amazing show. Then after the show is finished you can continue to play some post-show music while you pack up. Then as your last thing you pack up your sound system and the music stops. You’re intentionally creating that energy sink by turning the music off when you leave.

This is hugeeeee. They’ll get the emotional equivalent of “Wow, when the performer was here the party was awesome– we were all having so much fun!” At your next event give a shot and you’ll see exactly what I mean. This is a great physiological effect for the buyer to feel just how much energy and excitement you brought to their event with just a little bit of forethought on your part.

What kind of pre-show music do you use in your shows? Share your tips below! Don’t forget to “like” the post as well and share this page with your magic friends.

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