Making your testimonials more visible on Facebook

Previously I’ve written about getting amazing client testimonials, and my last post was about posting photo’s taken at the event on Facebook. In this post I’m going to talk about combining these two techniques together.

If you post a customer testimonial as a status update it will quickly become “stale”. That means that once the information has gone past people’s homepage that it won’t ever be seen again.


However, if you post a photo online it gets added to an album so whenever people go through that album they will see the picture and that content lasts a lot longer. Instead what you want to do is combine a photo from an event, along with the corresponding testimonial from that event as a DESCRIPTION on that photo. Now that testimonial will last a lot longer on your account so people will see it.



You can see that I also added the mother who hired me and tagged her on Facebook. By doing that all of HER friends also see that I was at the party (a great way to advertise) and the mom left another note saying “Thanks again 🙂 it was the best birthday party she’s ever had” which is great social proof to others.

You can use this same technique for videos as well. Recently I posted a clip of me performing at a corporate event and the audience member I used shared the clip on his account with his friends.


You already take photo’s and collect testimonials, so why not make the most of them? I hope this has inspired you to make the most out of the techniques you’re already using!