My Pet Peeve

magicalKidThis may come across as nitpicking but I think it’s important. If you’re going to be a professional children’s entertainer you should use and learn the proper terminology when talking about your audience.

When talking about children use the word children instead of “kids”. A “kid” is what a baby goat is called. (Look at that picture of a little goat with a top hat— Awwwww) When talking to clients in person and when corresponding by email I suggest that you use the word children.

However there is an exception. On your website you should use both “kids” and “children” throughout the site. The reason being is that “kids” is used a lot more frequently than “children” in web searches. To make sure that your website ranks well for both “kids” and “children” you’ll want to include both terms throughout the site. In the graph below you can see that “kids” is a more popular search term than “children”.

search for kids vs. children

If you look at my current birthday party site you’ll notice that I use both words throughout. However when emailing clients and talking in person I try my best to always use the term children.