Customizing Your Magic Props

Torch to Rose Kevlar WickWhen you buy a trick you’re buying the secret and permission to perform for the effect, but often the prop itself is made as cheaply as possible to appeal to the masses. Even if the prop is well made you’re probably going to have to modify it to fit your act.

If you’re going to be a professional magician you need to accept the fact that when you buy a new prop you’re going to have to make modifications or remake it entirely.  If you don’t want to look like every other magician then modify or create new props that match your personality, audience, and theme. 

You might need to modify the prop to last longer: If you buy a “Torch to Rose” the wick that’s included is just a bit of cotton wrapped in wire. It works for a little while but it won’t last forever. If you really want to add this effect into your act and you want it to last you’ll need to replace the wick with some kevlar rope instead.

You might also need to modify the prop to suit your technical needs: For my show I purchased a butterfly silk that turned out that it was too thin and transparent for my needs. So I took it to my seamstress where she was able to add a black layer of fabric onto the back of the silk so now it works perfectly for my needs.

Butterfly Silk

You might also need to modify the prop to suit your character: With the Wandering CD prop (A “Die Box” done with a CD instead) there’s a giant hole in the middle of the prop so that the children  can see the CD sliding back and fourth.

I don’t play a clown character so for me having this big window and pretending not to know that the audience could see the CD sliding was too much of a stretch. So I decided to modify the prop with a small translucent section of corrugated plastic. At first it doesn’t appear to be translucent but the children can still see the CD as it slides back and fourth. Now there’s plausibility that I’m unaware that the audience can see it sliding around.

Wandering CD Prop

I also use my Magic Academy DVD instead of the CD that was provided with the prop.

You might also need to create new props to fir the theme of your act: For my “Up, Up and Away” show I took the standard Magic Coloring Book principal and made my own custom “Passport” book that goes from blank pages, to passport stamps, to covers of classic children’s books.

Magic Coloring Book - Passport Style

Lots of people don’t want to think about creating new magic or customizing their props, they just want to know “How do I get more bookings?!” Having a unique act with unique props will help you stand out in the marketplace which will result in more bookings.