How to get Media Attention

Getting on local TV or in your local newspaper isn’t as hard as it may seem. All you need to do is write a press release that’s relevant to the general public. That second part is key. You need to make sure that your story is relevant to the reader/listener of that media outlet otherwise you have no chance of them picking up your story. Submitting something that looks like an advertisement as well is a quick way to have your email sent to the trash folder.

Topics I’ve used for press releases in the past include:

  • Upcoming public performances
  • Winning awards at magic conventions
  • Winning local business awards
  • New show products (My DVD)
  • Working new markets
  • Working with show directors or script writers

Anything that’s exciting in your business you can write about. If you’ve just moved into a new city for example that would be an excellent time to get the word out about your services.

Don’t be daunted with writing the perfect press release. When I’ve had my stories picked up in the past, usually the journalist will give me a call or send an email with some further questions. Just make sure you follow the basic press release structure.

Sample Press Release

For Immediate Release

Local Magician Studies in Vegas Classroom

October 2, 2009 – West Kelowna, BC – Students may have just returned to the classroom, but local Magician Leif David, just returned from one! Thordarson was given the chance of a lifetime to study with Ms. Joanie Spina.

Spina is best known as co-director and choreographer for world renowned magician David Copperfield. Spina was able to help Thordarson with his stage show and presence.

“It’s amazing to work with somebody of such high caliber” comments Thordarson, “she really has a keen eye. Together we were able to smooth out the rough edges in my show.”

This was not the first time Thordarson worked with Spina. Last year Thordarson sent Spina a copy of his show on DVD. From that she was able to critique his show and offer some sound advice. This year Thordarson worked with Spina in a private one on one coaching session at her Las Vegas studio.

Thordarson believes the best way to create a show that the audience will love for years to come is by seeking constant feedback from a trusted mentor. “I think it is important to find someone you feel comfortable enough with to take chances. She has a great feel for timing, pacing, seamless transitions and music.”

Leif David has entertained audiences across the Okanagan with his family-friendly magic show for over fifteen years. He is currently booking for the holiday season. From small staff parties to large banquets, Leif David leaves you in amazement and gasping with wonder. Dates are vanishing quickly. For more information visit or call 250-575-7469.

– 30 –

For more information: 

Leif David Thordarson
Ali K Zam Productions
Tel: 250-575-7469

Once you have your press release written up, send it off to all the local stations including radio, tv, newspapers, and magazines. If you attend networking events you will already have a relationship with some of these people.

Sometimes when the story has been picked up it will just be a short blurb in a business column, and I’ve also had other times where its turned into a half page story with a huge picture.

Capital News - Thursday August 30 2012

Always attach a couple of photo’s to the email with your press release. Newspapers LOVE to include pretty pictures along with a story, so if they do run the story there’s a pretty good chance they will also include the picture along with it.

Westside Weekly - February 11 2009

I’ve also picked up TV interviews with this technique.

Your local media is looking for news each and every day. So next time you have something exciting happen in your career, write a press and send it out. You never know what will happen.