How to Organize Your Magic Room

I have organizational envy. Below is some photo’s of how Charlie Cadabra organizes his magic props. Anything more organized and you’d be getting into museum level cataloging. haha


Each shelf is numbered and each stage container is numbered. Props always go back into the exact same container.

The magic den

Filing Cabinets and bookshelf

A filing cabinet and bookshelf for books and instructions

It doesn’t stop there… Charlie also records all of his props into an excel spreadsheet so he knows exactly where each prop is stored. Along with where the prop is stored, he also includes the maker/inventor, the category (School, Mentalism, Production, etc), where the instructions are located, and the age group that the trick is appropriate for. This allows him to quickly research when he’s putting a new routine together. There’s also a benefits to this when you’re doing your taxes and buying business/home insurance.


Want to organize your system the same way? Download the free excel Catalog Template file to get started and the Instruction Guide (word file).

For comparison… this is what my magic room looks like 😉


How do you organize your props? Share your tips below in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with all of your magic friends.