Sharpie Marker Stain Remover

AmodexOnce upon a time I was performing some close-up magic one evening and somehow my sharpie marker cap came off inside my inside breast jacket pocket. Unbeknownst to me my $300 blue dress shirt was soaking up the black marker into the shirt… I tried all the household products I had available to try and remove the stain but nothing worked. Eventually I tried Googleing the problem to see if others had figured out how to remove sharpie stains but I only came across common “tips” that didn’t work.

Eventually I came across a product called Amodex. It isn’t available in Canada, but I was able to order a bottle of it online. I was able to apply the Amodex and then use paper towel to soak up the sharpie marker by lightly dabbing the material over and over again. I also placed some paper towel underneath and that helped remove the stain all the way through the material. Even though the stain had been in there for months and I had probably made it worse trying all those other methods first I was still able to remove the stain.The shirt I was wearing was a dark blue (like the material behind the bottle picture) which helped. I don’t think it would work on lighter colored shirts.

The small bottle only cost about $10, and it totally restored my expensive dress shirt. If you ever find yourself with a sharpie stain on your costume, give it a try!