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Free Routines for Kid Show Performers – Interview with Christopher T.

While researching new material for my library shows this summer I came across a Magic Cafe post where some guy was posting free video routines for kid show performers. That man is Christopher T. Magician and so far he’s posted seven FREE episodes loaded with amazing content. Once I started watching the videos I knew I had to do an interview with him and share his videos with my readers.

Christopher_T_jersey_kid_gymChristopher T. Magician performs as a children’s magician throughout New York City and New Jersey. A graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, he brings his acting and playwriting knowledge into his magic to create wacky, hilarious, cartoon-like performances. Alongside his passion for magic, he is building a career writing musical theatre as well, performing his Off-Broadway one-man show Just Like Magic at the New York Musical Theatre Festival and currently participating in talks with Broadway producers (real ones, too – not imaginary!) for his horror/slasher musical Most Likely To Die. His love of music influences his magic as well. His USP (as the marketing gurus might say) focuses on his original musical theatre style songs integrated into his routines and the overall throughline of his magic show.

Here’s a video a mother took of Christopher performing his song “Looking Like A Magician Now!” with the cutest little birthday guy…

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Automatic Amazing Show Photos

d5200I recently decided I wanted to get a new DSLR camera so that I can get more photo’s from my shows to use in my marketing materials. I wanted to spend about $1,000 and I started searching online for a camera that could take nice clean crisp photo’s in low-light conditions. Since most of my shows are indoors without any extra lighting I needed needed something that could take photo’s in that environment.

After some research I narrowed it down to three choices:

All of the camera’s have their own strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately I decided on the Nikon D5200 because of the price point and low-light performance.

Anyway, this post isn’t really to recommend a camera. What works for you will depend on how you want to use your camera and how much you’re willing to spend. The more you spend though the better the pictures will probably be.

Interval Timer

I didn’t know when I bought the camera but it has a feature called Interval Timer Shooting. As the name suggests, it means you can automatically take photo’s at regular intervals!

interval timer shooting   interval timer shooting2

On the first screen you can select between Start Now or a Start Time. In the next screen you set how often you want it to take a picture. You can set the interval by hours, seconds, or minutes.

Today at a birthday party show I setup the camera at the back of the room on a tripod. I set the camera to auto-focus then I set the clock to start taking photo’s 5 minutes before the show start time. Then I set it to take a photo every 2 minutes. After the show I had about 20 photo’s automatically taken for me during the show! Here’s a small sample of some of the pictures:

Timer Photo 1

Timer photo 2

Timer Photo 3

As you can see the results turned out pretty good! Next time I’m going to set the interval timer for a much shorter time like 30 seconds. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Always Be Marketing – What Story Are You Telling?

One of the things entrepreneurs struggle with is marketing themselves during personal interactions. Whenever you talk to clients, audience members, or business associates you should always be marketing yourself.

The In-person Press Release

Whenever I talk to somebody that’s a potential client I use a short script that explains everything in a short 20 second sound-bite. This is what I’m using right now:

“I have a crazy busy summer coming up. I’ll be performing all summer long at [a local resort] again this year. I just finished developing a brand new educational shows for kids that I’ll be performing across the valley this summer. And of course the rest of my schedule is filled with festivals, community events, and birthday party shows.”

After each script I’ll hand out a business card to them and encourage them to visit my website. If I know a little bit about the person, I’ll also elaborate on any showtime that I think might be suitable for them. For example if its a young mom I’ll talk about birthday parties and elementary school shows.

In less than 20 seconds I’ve demonstrated:

  1. I perform often and have a lot and have repeat customers
  2. I have different show options for different markets (and I elaborate if appropriate)
  3. I’ve given them an action to visit my website to learn more about my shows
  4. Plus I’ve given them a business card so that they remember to check my website when they get back home
  5. I’ve also left it open for them to comment on what’s going on in my business. This is where I can find out more about them based on what they choose to comment on.

This short script will change throughout the year as the elements in my business are changing. I’ll talk about the shows I just finished, public shows I have coming up, new products/services/projects I’m working on, recent media appearances, and new seasonal shows I am performing at. All of these things that I talk about are the same sorts of information that I would include in a newsletter or a press release.

Your message can be whatever you want that meets your criteria. If I had an upcoming theater show for example, I would want people to know about the show and to buy tickets for it. For months leading up to the show I would talk about how I’m in the process of producing a new show, I would tell them when/where I expect it to be as details develop, and some sort of action to stay in touch or how to buy tickets to it.

It might sound corny to have a “script” to talk about these things but actually because its all current things going on in my business I’m always very excited to talk it. I’ve found that talking about my business in this press release manner is the fastest way to deliver my message to anyone.

People are always looking for the latest marketing technique to get more business but the truth is all you have to do is let people know about the different shows you offer.

Let us know in the comments; what’s currently going on in your business?

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