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How to Stay Cool While Performing in the Summer Heat

Now that summer is in full swing you’re probably performing plenty of outdoor shows. Client’s looove to host events outside. Performing outside can be a very enjoyable experience for both you and the audience, but it can also be an extremely difficult without the proper preparation.

Here are 8 tips to help you stay cool while performing in the summer heat:

1. Avoidance

Unless the weather is absolutely perfect, usually you’re better off doing the show indoors. There will be less distractions for the audience, you’ll have more control over the performing environment, creating a better performance in the end. Once you explain this to the client you may be able to move the party indoors for your show.

Find out during the booking process if there’s an alternative plan for bad weather. Is the show going to happen rain or shine, will it be cancelled, or will it be moved to another location? Find out all of these details in advance so there aren’t any surprises on the day of the show.

2. Acceptance

If you have to perform outside find out if you can be in the shade somehow. Sometimes you might be able to perform under a tent, under a tree, or against the side of a building.

Keep in mind that even though YOU might have shade the audience won’t be. If you’re performing at a festival the stage might be covered but the next available shade space will be under trees that are far away. You can bet that the audience is going to stay under these trees instead of sitting close to your stage. This distance between you and the audience is going to kill your interaction and make your show more difficult. In these situations you might have to setup closer to the audience to get the rapport that you need for the show.

shade under the trees

[ Above: I had a tent to perform under at this show but the audience all sat under the shade of the tree’s. So I left my tent and walked closer to the audience for better interaction. ]

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