Somebody Stole my Website Content

I was discussing one of my websites with an SEO expert and he discovered that another magician had “borrowed” several text paragraphs from my website to use on his own website.

When I told others magicians about it they thought that I would be upset over it. But, I didn’t really care. You know what they say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Honestly I think its kind of cool that somebody thought my website was good enough to steal from in the first place.

Only one thing bothered me about it. I don’t want MY website to get punished in the SEO results just because somebody else took my content. From my SEO studies I’ve always read that Google will punish a website for having duplicate content. Since this incident though I’ve learned that Google will only punish the website that didn’t post it originally. If you want to learn more about duplicate content you can visit the Google Blog.

Nevertheless, I still wanted him to remove the content from his website just in case. I want my website to rank well organically as much as possible. I sent him and email requesting that he take down the areas of his site where he had taken my content. He got back to me in a couple hours and took down some of the content, and said that his web designer would remove the rest of the content within the next few days. I ended up getting an email a couple days later letting me know that everything had been removed. Problem solved.

At this point you might be wondering “I wonder if somebody has borrowed my website content too?”

How to Find Stolen Website Content

I’ve had a couple people ask me “How did you find out he was using your content?” There are online “duplicate content finders” or “plagiarism finders” that you can use. and are two websites that I have used in the past. All you have to do is put in your website URL and it will search the entire internet looking for copies or similarities of your page.

If you have unique photo’s on your website that you think have been stolen, you can use Google’s “Search by Image” website. Just upload or link to an image and it will show you every page on the internet that uses that photo.

If you found these tools helpful, please let me know in the comments below. As always, don’t forget to like, comment, and share this article with your magic friends!