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Save Time And Be More Productive With This One Tool

If you know anything about me then you know that I love technology that can save me time and energy. Hey, I’m lazy, or at least I’d like to think I have better things to do than reply to emails… like checking Facebook…

Anyway… As you know it can be very very time consuming to reply to customer emails. You want to make sure that they’re getting all the information they need and at the same time you want to reply as quickly as possible. These email reply’s are often quite repetitive with the same blocks of text over and over again.

My magic friend Clinton gave me a heads-up about an amazing little tool that’s totally changed the way I spend my time replying to emails.

Phrase Express is a tool that you can use to quickly paste repetitive text when replying to emails. Some of the features include:

  • Organize frequently used text snippets
  • Expand abbreviations in any program
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Auto-complete repetitive phrases
  • Correct spelling mistakes. (Kind of like how Microsoft Office does it, but it works in any application)
  • Solve math calculations as you type
  • Microsoft Outlook Plugin Integration
  • Plus a bunch of other cool features that I haven’t had a chance to fully take advantage of yet

So how does it work? Well, after you install the application it sits quietly in your task tray. Then you can setup a “shortcut” for a chunk of text and it will automatically insert that pre-defined text.

For example you could set it up so that whenever you type *signature it will automatically insert your email footer signature.

Or, in a more practical example for magicians, you can set it up so that after someone asks about information on your kids birthday party show you just type *birthdayparty and it will automatically insert all of your show information. Whereas before you would have had to manually type it out, or copy-paste it from another document, now it’s all automatic.

Before I would have delayed replying to an email until I had more time to do it, but now I’m able to compose emails quicker because the process is streamlined. Great customer service for any business includes being as prompt as possible with replies and PhraseExpress will help you do that.

Plus, the great thing about Phrase Express is that its free to test out and for personal use. And if you’d like to upgrade to the professional version. Give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments!

Update: I’m not sure if Phrase Express works for Mac or not. However I have found another program called TextExpander which has some similar features that does work for Mac’s.

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