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DIY Magic Practice Mirror

On Facebook John Villarreal shared a great DIY Magic Practice Mirror.


This practice mirror was constructed by buying three mirror tiles, and simply attaching them together with electrical tape. Tim suggested using book binders tape instead because it’s a bit more durable and will last longer. The mirror tiles themselves only cost about $6 for all three making it an easy and inexpensive project to improve the effectiveness of your rehearsal time.

Nelson Lugo also made up a similar mirror, but he used mirror plexiglass instead. The plexiglass is very light and won’t break if it’s accidentally dropped.


When I’m first learning a new move I will practice it in the mirror. However when it comes to actual rehearsal time I will use a camera instead. I’ve shared my tips on working with a camera in this article.

If you make one please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to ‘like’ and share this post with your magic friends.

Mail bag question: Promotional Offer Tracking

This week I’ve got a question from the mailbag. Craig asks…

I’m working on a call to action on my email newsletter and was wondering about your thoughts regarding a ‘qualifier’ Ex: “Email today to save 948% off you next show!” vs.”Email today with the code ‘savetoomuch’ to save 948% off your next show!” I’m split on the merits of this, would love to hear your thoughts!

Leif’s Reply:

Well, the difference between the two is that with the second option you have the option of tracking the results from the offer.

Tracking codes are helpful if you’re looking to see where your marketing results are coming from: For example, on your facebook you could give people a coupon of ‘FBfriendsSave’ and in your newsleter it would be ‘Save2Much” and so you could see that you got 0 bookings through FB, and 2 from your newsletter, that you could focus your efforts on your newsletter marketing.

You’ll need to make sure that your offer is strong enough that people will use it, and remember to give you the correct ‘tracking code’. Simply offering someone 5% off or something probably isn’t going to be enough. They will or won’t book regardless of the offer. Whereas, if you offer someone 50% off– they’re much more likely to book (even when they weren’t going to before) and they will also give you the tracking code. I’m not saying you should offer 50% off, it’s just an example.

In my own business, I seldom offer discounts. I feel my price is already as affordable and fair as possible for the client and myself. Instead I will make offers that include free bonuses, such as close-up magic, balloon animals, goodie bags, or DVD’s. That way I can still offer my loyal customers an offer without the need to reduce my fee. I’m not looking to build my customer funnel with people who are looking for the cheapest priced entertainment. Instead I want customers that are looking for the best entertainment that fits into their entertainment budget. I find that these type of customers lead to better events, better audiences, better shows, better word of mouth, and in the end a better business and life for myself.


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