DIY Magic Practice Mirror

On Facebook John Villarreal shared a great DIY Magic Practice Mirror.


This practice mirror was constructed by buying three mirror tiles, and simply attaching them together with electrical tape. Tim suggested using book binders tape instead because it’s a bit more durable and will last longer. The mirror tiles themselves only cost about $6 for all three making it an easy and inexpensive project to improve the effectiveness of your rehearsal time.

Nelson Lugo also made up a similar mirror, but he used mirror plexiglass instead. The plexiglass is very light and won’t break if it’s accidentally dropped.


When I’m first learning a new move I will practice it in the mirror. However when it comes to actual rehearsal time I will use a camera instead. I’ve shared my tips on working with a camera in this article.

If you make one please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to ‘like’ and share this post with your magic friends.