DIY Rasmus Performance Case & Table

Barry Mitchell and his friend Rasmus from Denmark built an awesome performance case and table. Similar to Evan’s DIY Table in my previous article he was looking for a performance table / case that could fit into his small car. In this article I’ll show exactly how they built and constructed their performance case and table.

First they tracked down some ideal storage containers.They stacked, had lids, and even came in various sizes.



Then they cut a hole in the back of the large box to create an opening.


Next they used one of the lids from the boxes to cut it to make the side door. They reinforced it with wood and attached with a piano hinge and Velcro so it could be easily opened and closed.


Here’s a photo with Rasmus proudly displaying his finished table with both doors open! This picture shows two top panels with black solid wood inside the panels to make a great table top. The pieces can be removed to get inside the table. They also made a one piece table top with the same black wood. The wood is the high quality press wood but it’s all black instead of wood grain like we see in the North America.


The boxes stack to become the table but they come apart for travel. Everyone in Europe has small cars so there’s no way he could use a traditional Lefler table.


This photo shows the solid top. If you look closely at the top corners you can see where he added Velcro he can make a table drape and velcro it around the table. The end result a table that cost less than $170 to build (in Denmark).

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