Travel Bags for Equipment and Props

The other day on my Facebook page I asked other magicians where I could source some new bags for my banner stands and I was overwhelmed with replies. It ended up leading into a discussion of bags and carriers that can be used for lots of items. Many of the solutions are quite creative!

Christopher Cool shared a link to a company called UndercoverNYC that produces custom covers and bags for audio equipment, but they can be used for anything since they build them exactly to your specifications. You can send them the dimensions and weight of the items and they’ll make a custom bag to fit them perfectly. These bags are a bit more expensive than other options, but you’ll end up with something specific to your needs.

 Soft Carry Bag Soft Bag Soft Case

Dough Scheer suggested that a hard gun case would also work for carrying props. I imagine this would work well for anything fragile where you would want to protect your investment.

Hard Gun Case for Banner Stands Hard Gun Case for Banner Stands

Rob Driscoll pointed out the obvious answer. There are several companies on the internet that sell banner stand carry cases as. A few that I found were power-graphics,, and

Simple Banner Stand Bag


Tony Chris suggested a small keyboard bag. I actually use a large keyboard bag already to carry my Chair Suspension Illusion and I love it. The bag is really well made and protects everything perfectly. It makes carrying the mini-illusion into the venue a breeze.

small keyboard bag small keyboard bag

Kent Wong suggested that a travel golf case would also work. I really liked this idea because the golf bags are pretty large, built to last, and they have wheels built in making transportation super simple. You also have the option of a fabric travel bad or a hard shell style.

Hard Golf Bag Soft Golf Bag

A fellow magic friend Steve Dickson found a used golf bag on my local Craigslist for me for only $40. So I went right away and picked it up. I discovered that the travel golf bag would be perfect to carry in my banner stands, my speaker stands, and my tripod into the venue all in a single trip! You can see an image of the bag I got below.

Golf Bag to Carry Tripod, 2 Banner Stands, and 2 Speaker Stands


If you have any other tips for various types of bags for carrying props and equipment, please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to hit the like and share buttons below as well.