Why Most Magicians Don’t Work and What to Do About It

emythWhen I first decided that I wanted to be a full time magician I knew almost nothing about business. I certainly didn’t have any idea what was going to be involved in operating my own business as a solo entrepreneur. I just knew that I wanted to study and perform magic all day long every single day. But what else did I need to know? How do you turn a passion into a real business? That’s when I began reading and studying everything I could online about business.

Time and time again I came across recommendations for a book called The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It. This book was my first introduction into the realities of turning my passion for magic into something that could pay the bills.

Being a full time magician means more than just being technically skilled at magic or being a strong performer. You must also be good at managing your time, that you’re reliable, that you follow up with clients, that you’re good at setting marketing goals and achieving them, and you have a positive mindset and attitude at EVERY show.

Just because you enjoy performing magic doesn’t mean that you’re also going to like performing it as a job. There’s plenty of people who lose their passion once they turn their hobby into a job. It isn’t because they actually lose their passion though – it’s because they end up spending so much time dealing with other tasks that aren’t their passion.

Rather than working on new magic tricks you’ll be spending your time managing your money, scheduling shows, creating marketing strategies, and designing postcards. Spending your days replying to emails is a quick way turn “Living the dream” into “A living nightmare” for many. That shift and that’s exactly what the E-Myth is all about.

Are you prepared to deal with the realities of running your own business? Do you know what you don’t know? Do you know how to get help? Can you push past your own mental barriers to grow your business? Are you prepared to work ON your business rather than just IN it? The book describes not only the common pitfalls for small businesses but also strategies to avoid common mistakes.

If you’re thinking of starting any type of small business I’d suggest you pick up a copy of the E-Myth from Amazon. It’s a quick easy read and it’s less than $20. For me it was one of the greatest books on business I’ve ever read.

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