Interview with Christopher Cool – Clipped Card Trick

This week I’ve talked about this Benefits to Using Giveaways In Your Show as well as Different Types of Giveaways To Use In Your Show. Discussing these concepts was all inspired because this year Christoper Cool just released a new promotional giveaway item to the market called the Clipped Card Trick.


If you’re not familiar with the classic effect it’s quite simple: You show a card with five playing cards on it, both front and back. Four of the cards have black faces. The card in the middle is the ace. The goal is to place a paper clip on the ace while the cards are face down. Sounds simple? Surprise! The clip is always on the wrong card!

As soon as I saw Christoper’s Branded Cards I knew I needed to pick it up to use in my library shows this summer. What’s great about this giveaway is that it’s so inexpensive, it matches my other marketing materials, and it’s self working. Plus they look awesome— look at that handsome guy!

paniniLeif: For those who don’t know you, Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Christopher: What do you want to know? I like my panini maker! Seriously though. I am a full time Magician out of Calgary, AB, but I was born in Winnipeg, MB. Most of my work is split between birthday party shows and educational programs at preschools/daycares.

Leif: What kinds of giveaways do you use in your shows?
Christopher: I’ve used coloring pages, activity pages, funny money, invisible magic dust, roll-up wands, magic wands and other small magic tricks.

Leif: Awesome, so you try and mix it up a bit. Have you always use giveaways?
Christopher: I have been using some type of giveaway for as long as I can remember.

Leif: Are giveaways an element of all of your shows? Do you always hand them out the kids?
Christopher: I use giveaways in every one of my shows. It doesn’t matter if it’s a preschool, Christmas party or bday gig, I always use giveaways. I have different giveaways for each type/theme of show. Sometimes, I’ll give the kids the giveaways right away, and in other circumstances (like at a preschool) I’ll give them to the teachers to hand out at the end of the day.

Leif: What giveaway are you currently using?
Christopher: I’m still using a combination of all of the above. I like to change things up. Some of the giveaways I use have been designed for several different themes. I have a different coloring page and activity page for each themed show I do. I like to give away 1-2 giveaways to each child at each show. It looks awesome when the kids have an armful of FREE stuff from ‘Christopher Cool’. See what I did there? Stop calling yourself a magician, start calling yourself by your name. My new personal favorite giveaway that I’m currently using is my custom Clipped Card Trick!


Leif: With your Clipped Card Trick the package also includes a JUMBO version so that you can demonstrate it on stage.  Can you talk a little bit about that?
Christopher: I use to offer balloon twisting as an up sell for my birthday shows. I got tired of it and it always took longer than expected. Last year I stopped offering balloon twisting and started offering to teach the kids a magic trick after the show instead. I needed a trick that was easy to understand, easy to teach/learn, was inexpensive to give away & had the ability to be branded with my information. After several different tricks like the ring & spring, 2 card monte, fortune telling fish, I finally decided on the clipped card trick.

The idea of making the clipped card trick available in a jumbo version came from a good friend of mine – Richard Steele. He wanted to perform this trick for trade shows (to be used as an upsell to his clients) but wanted everyone to be able see it. He gave me the idea and I went ahead and made it for him. Now it’s a part of one of the free bonuses I give you with my clipped card product. I use the jumbo version when I’m teaching this to the kids after my birthday party show. I also include several other great ideas to use the jumbo version in my Success Manual that’s also included with my clipped card trick.

Leif: Since you use so many giveaways you need to be price conscious. What kind of price point do you try and stick to?
Christopher: I try to stick with anything less than $0.30 a piece. But that also depends on what type of show I’m performing and the budget for that show. Smaller shows like birthdays and preschools, I try to keep my giveaway total cost less than $10. Larger shows like Christmas parties, I try to stay within $20-$25. Of course, this expense is always included in the price. My giveaway expense is on average about 3% of my performance fee.

Leif: Do you ever include it as an up sell?
Yes, I offer parents the option to upgrade to my Gold package which includes the chair suspension (performance only, they don’t get the trick, haha), goodie bags and I teach the kids one magic trick that they can keep and take home. The magic trick I give them is my custom branded Clipped Card Trick. I use to teach the kids the ring and spring, but my cost was $0.30+ per piece. My clipped cards cost me about $0.02. So I have cut my cost by 95% using this alternate giveaway AND it has my brand/info on it – something that the ring and spring was missing.

Leif: There’s some that would argue that giveaways are an unnecessary expense. Is it even worth it?
Yes, there is an added expense to giving away FREE stuff to your audience and it will take you time to design a great giveaway. Is it worth it? Heck ya! I book more shows from referrals and from kids seeing me at other parties/events than any other type of advertising I do. You can do a great show, but if the audience doesn’t know how to get in contact with you to book a show, then you’ve wasted a great opportunity. Having great giveaways not only puts your contact info into the hands of the audience, they make you look like a professional (that magician has his own magic trick…) and you are perceived as providing more value! It sounds great when you say, “Oh and all of the kids in the audience receive a FREE magic trick after my show! This costs you nothing and is included in my XXXX package for free.” I’ve taken all of the hard work out of designing a great giveaway (that’s a magic trick) that the kids will love and have fun performing, custom branded with your info and costs $.01 – $0.02 to print.

Leif: If people are interested in your Clipped Card trick, where can they get it from and how much does it cost?
Christopher: You can order your custom clipped card trick giveaway on my website: I supply you with the print ready digital files and some really awesome bonuses. Best of all, it’s custom designed and delivered to you within 48 hours.

Leif: Thanks Christopher for taking the time to do this interview. We really appreciate it!

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