New Case Lid Organizers for your Show Case

A few weeks ago I posted this photo of my new Case Lid Organizer on Facebook. A lot of magicians were asking me about it so I thought it might make an interesting topic for a post.


No, it isn’t a DIY project that I made myself, and no, it didn’t come with the case. It’s actually a case accessory that’s available online. The Lid Organizer in the photo above is called the Explorer Cases PANEXPL48 Lid Panel for the 4820 Case (Black). Explorer Case offers a few different lid organizers, but if you look online you’ll find pages and pages of various lid organizers from other companies as well.

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Professionals Take Care of Their Props

Pathetic looking silk

Pathetic looking silk

I remember in my first few years of business I didn’t have to do any maintenance or repair on my props. However after several years of business and a few hundred shows later everything begins to show its age!

No matter how well you take care of your props they’re going to show wear and tear over time. As performers we use use items that aren’t designed to survive the abuse we put them though. Thin pieces of cardboard and paper, envelopes, cards, and rope, all need to be replaced.

Once in a while look over the props that you use with a critical eye. Does it need to be touched up with a few minor repairs? Does it need to be repainted? Or does it need to be repaired? Even if it doesn’t need to be replaced it may just need some TLC. Iron those silks, give your misers dream bucket a wash, and polish those coins to restore their shine.

Awesome brand new silk

Awesome brand new silk

It’s really hard to see our own things as other see them for the first time. I find that pulling them out of their normal context helps to look at it with fresh eyes.

Even if the audience only see’s the prop for a brief moment it should still look its best. Take a moment to replace those pathetic old sponge balls, use fresh playing cards when you’re hired to perform, and replace old silks once they need it.

If you use anything mechanical make it a habit to check it before every show. Things like hand choppers, finger choppers, and anything with remotes or electronics should be checked frequently. Make it part of your setup and pre-show routine to check these items to make sure they’re in working order.

These small details contribute to the overall professionalism and quality of your show. Plus, by working with better equipment it will make you feel more comfortable and confident on stage.

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DIY Rasmus Performance Case & Table

Barry Mitchell and his friend Rasmus from Denmark built an awesome performance case and table. Similar to Evan’s DIY Table in my previous article he was looking for a performance table / case that could fit into his small car. In this article I’ll show exactly how they built and constructed their performance case and table.

First they tracked down some ideal storage containers.They stacked, had lids, and even came in various sizes.



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Travel Bags for Equipment and Props

The other day on my Facebook page I asked other magicians where I could source some new bags for my banner stands and I was overwhelmed with replies. It ended up leading into a discussion of bags and carriers that can be used for lots of items. Many of the solutions are quite creative!

Christopher Cool shared a link to a company called UndercoverNYC that produces custom covers and bags for audio equipment, but they can be used for anything since they build them exactly to your specifications. You can send them the dimensions and weight of the items and they’ll make a custom bag to fit them perfectly. These bags are a bit more expensive than other options, but you’ll end up with something specific to your needs.

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